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It’s a driving shooter game inspired by movies like Mad Max and spaceship roguelikes. Command a post apocalyptic war convoy, and guide your followers across a furious and unforgiving desert. Fight, get resources, and survive. How far can you ride?

Welcome to Desert Pirates. Command a post apocalyptic war convoy across a furious and unforgiving desert in the search of the ETERNAL RIDE.


  • Drive and shoot > Lots of cars to find and weapons with primary and secondary shots.
  • Destroy enemy settlements > Handmade enemy bases for maximum planning and destroying pleasure.
  • Grow your power > Expand and improve your convoy, swap out their weapons and tools, upgrade, repair and refuel them, keep your followers alive.

Fight, get resources, and survive. How far can you ride?


  • Unlock and collect badass cars: Find cars to restore in every run, and store them in your garage to use later.
  • Make runs with different convoys: Change your Convoy to fit your play style. Choose between Soldiers with Nitro, Heavy Soldiers with special weapons, start with additional food or gas, special systems like Shields, Radars, Decoys, and more!
  • Give orders to your ConvoyStay together, or split up! Changing orders on the fly can give you an advantage against your enemies. Light RTS mechanics are gaining traction while developing (stay tuned!)
  • Classic Roguelike Features: Permadeath, Upgrades, procedurally generated areas. Every playthrough is different.

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