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"The music’s great, and when else are you gonna play a game set in Argentina, let alone a period drama?" Sin Vega - Rock Paper Shotgun

Argentina, 1923

Martita's birthday is coming up and Luciano still doesn't know how to do the Tango! You must help him learn to dance and thus win the heart of Martita, his beloved one. With each song you'll learn new steps that'll earn you more stars and help you to master each song in this RHYTHM, FAST and CASUAL game, set in the Tango epoch.


  • The game is fast and easy to pick (anyone can understand the game in just a few seconds).
  • Move the avatar through the scene in four directions, tile by tile and also sliding, always on rhythm.
  • Every new song will throw you a new thing to learn, always on rhythm based mechanics and you can also increase the song scores.
  • Unveils an epic story of love and melodrama in the time of Tango as never seen before!
  • A soundtrack with 13 incredible songs of modern age tango interpreted by the Latin American band YIRA
  • Extras: classic mode and special challenges for each song.
  • And cats (very annoying ones!)

If you loved the music you can get it here: SOUNDTRACK


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Question: I noticed pictures at the end. Is the story based on real life events? 

hehehehe it's real story? :: El Tango de la Muerte General Discussions (steamcommunity.com)

It was fantastic to get this in the recent itch.io bundle

Loved the idea and the innovation on this. Im guessing you didnt market the game too much to the tango crowd as well? but probably there arent too many gamers who are also tangueros at least in my own experience :D Anyway, AMAZING soundtrack which I'm having trouble buying because of Paypal currently but issues are probably solvable. Definitely will be back. PS Steam would have been fine but it doesnt let us buy the soundtrack by itself without buying the game itself since it's treated as DLC 

Thanks for playing! Yeah, the soundtrack steam thing came out later and never I changed, probably do some day!

Dooooood, This game is so tight!  Casual rhythm game with some bangers.  



Brilliant. Wonderful idea, beautiful soundtrack. Underappreciated.

Thanks! Glad YOU liked! ;)

This game is so wonderful and I love it so much. Thank you for making it.

Thank YOU for playing!

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I saw it today! thank you very much for talk about games in a serious manner, it means a lot :)

I played this as part of my ongoing indie game series and was blown away. This game is absolutely wonderful. Such a brilliant concept, I love the art style, the story, the music and the gameplay! A real gem of a game! Thank you so much for creating this!

Hey! Thank you a lot for the video, glad you liked the game! 

It was an absolute pleasure to play it! I'm going to have to finish playing the whole game on my channel soon because I need to know what happens!

Loving the game, only thing is I think the latest version is having save compatibility issues with the previous one. When I load the new one, I have to start from the beginning, but loading the old one seems to still have my progress at least.

Hi, glad you like the game! Mmm... You could try to copy the folder "saved_data" from the older version and replace it in the new one. It should work like a charm... Let me know! Thanks!

Worked like a charm, thanks for the tip!


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bought this with the big blm bundle a ways back and honestly??? one of my fav titles in the bunch all the dances with martita feel really intimate and loving and i adored it. also, sucio amor gives me Feelings. 5 stars <3 <3


Going by pure entertainment value, this one's gold.


This is what indie gaming is all about - a unique, creative experience unlike anything you'd get in the mainstream. And it's a lot of fun, too!


Play this game and your fingers will do the Tango! <3



Hi! Does this game have DDR mat support?

Hi! I never tried one! Some players use joytokey (or is it keytojoy?) for controllers, maybe that will do? Thanks for your question!

Que buena música, gran juego. Saludos desde México.


Si ALTA banda YIRA:: Ahora el compositor esta con un nuevo proyecto llamado ATR (Argentina Tango Rap) Aca hay un link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9ESMMC6k17KLXiQbg42Ecw 

Gracias por jugar!

This was pretty fun and love the unique take on rhythm game you did here.  :)

Thank you! Yeah is weird :)

Very funny game, love the music, gameplay and the story! Thanks for the unique experience

Thank you for playing! Glad you like it!